Unmanned KIOSK  System

Strong durable hardware, easy and convenient software.

- Various installation support according to the store environment (Wall type, Desk type, Stand type)
- Compact size without restrictions on installation space
- Saved store operating costs through efficient maintenance
- Intuitive ordering UI / Support topping menu to suit customer preference
- Global language support(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
- Reduced waiting time for customers / Improved order accuracy


Stores that suffer from minimum wages and
shortages of labor provide efficient work and comfortable hospitality.

Compact Style Design

Total Solution product (S/W, H/W, T/S)

It is an entry-level 15-inch, 21-inch display for small business stores

Fast performance of stable heat dissipation structure

A system that can be installed, operated, and serviced by a dealer

Store-friendly design